One on One Support

The Technical Assistance and Research Center will also coordinate one-on-one technical assistance to UIHPs to meet their unique and specific needs. Site-specific support will follow a community-of-learning model; UIHPs who have been successful in implementing various projects and initiatives will be recruited to assist other programs. This model allows for UIHPs to receive the most applicable technical assistance from the body of knowledge that already exists.

Example of NCUIH One-on-One support activity:

NCUIH worked with personnel of two member clinics to varying degrees on the start-up activities for the Childrens Mental Health System of Care (SOC) grants. Activities included locating and providing examples of Project Director job descriptions in SOC; providing training to new Director in SOC philosophy values and work; assisting with the identification of a work plan; and connection to other federal initiatives.

For One-on-One support please contact Dr. Kimberly Fowler at kfowler(at) .

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