Tribal delegates recommend $46.6 million budget increase for FY18 for UIHPs

The NCUIH Executive Committee finished attending the National Tribal Budget Formulation meeting in Washington, DC on Feb 11-12, 2016.  First let me THANK all of you who participated in your Area Budget Formulation Meetings.  Your involvement had tremendous impact.  Last year we only had 2 Areas that included a funding increase for the Urban Indian line item for a total increase of $10 million.  This year we had 8 Areas (Albuquerque, Bemidji, Great Plains, Navajo, Oklahoma, Phoenix, Portland and Tucson) with a final budget increase recommendation of $46.6 million added to our current funding amount. For detailed information click here

By Donna Keeler, Board President, posted on Tuesday February 16, 2016
Budget Formulation, NCUIH, UIHPs
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