My Visit at Native Americans Lifelines in Boston

This week I had the great pleasure of visiting Native Americans Lifelines in Boston. Let me just start off by saying transportation is definitely a major barrier, or at least it was for me. I started out my adventure in Danver, MA where I was invited to give an update for NCUIH during the Direct Service Tribes Annual Meeting.

I thought that I would visit the boston program on my way to the airport. When I first got my uber it was only going to take about 45 mins to get there. That quickly turned into about 1 hr and 45 mins which meant that I really should have left the program as soon as I got there or changed my route to just head to the airport. I really wanted to see the program though.

I met with Ella Blackowl their program assistant who gave me a quick tour and told me about the program. The staff here were very accommodating and understanding of my limited time to visit. Luckily traffic was more on my side to the airport and I arrived at the gate just as my plane was boarding.

All that to say that I can understand the difficulties in providing transportation in a city where the side streets are constantly busy and traffic is very difficult to navigate.

Native American Lifelines is an outreach and referral program that provides services in case management, an elders program, wellbriety groups, cultural activities and many other programs. I was particularly interested in their elders program which provides enriching activities for their elders which include health education, exercise, outings, talking circles.

They also have their red roads program which uses the wellbriety model to provide alcohol and substance abuse support through meetings.

Again I want to say a big thank you to the staff there in boston for welcoming me into their program. I wish I was able to spend more time with them, but the short time I was there was really valuable.

If you would like more information about Native Americans Lifeline (Boston) please visit their facebook at

By Ashley Tuomi, NCUIH President, posted on Friday August 4, 2017
Native Americans Lifelines, Boston, Direct Service Tribes Annual Meeting
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