Communication on Nominations for Board of Director's Executive Committee

Dear NCUIH Membership, This is an official notice regarding the upcoming election of Officers to the Executive Committee. A)    Each region has voted on their representatives to the Board of Directors (BoD). The next step is to elect Officers to the Executive Committee.   Please find the newly elected BoD list below.




Kerry Hawk Lessard


Ashley Tuomi, Patrick Rock


Don Lee


LeeAnn Bruised Head


Maureen Rosette


Jerimy Billy Sonia Tetnowski


Angela Young, Linda Son-Stone, Walter Murillo


Adrianne Maddux

B)    Pursuant to Article 6, Section 1 (C)(3) of the NCUIH Bylaws, Executive Committee Officers will be nominated from the Board of Directors or any organizational member.  Nominations are needed for the following positions: Vice-President, President Elect, Treasurer and Secretary. Nominations are to be made to the Secretary either before the Annual Meeting or during the first day of the Annual Meeting. Nominations must be emailed to Ms. Linda Son-Stone (  by June 20 2018. All nominees must submit their resumes to the Secretary on or before the first day of the Annual Meeting. 


Here is an update on the nominations received up to June 5, 2018






Maureen Rosette, Walter Murillo


President Elect

Walter Murillo


Vice President

Sonya Tetnowski, Walter Murillo, Linda Son Stone *

* Linda declines this nomination


Ashley Tuomi



Linda Son Stone, Kerry Lessard



 Note from our President: As some of you are aware, there have been concerns regarding the status of our current President Elect in regards to eligibility of the position. At our last Board meeting, we had a lengthy discussion about this issue and came to the conclusion that we were going to hand this question back to the membership. At our Annual meeting, you will be presented with a bylaws amendment to vote on. If you vote yes for the change in eligibility than our current President Elect will become President. If you vote no, we will go through other procedures to fill the President role. For any questions or concerns, please contact Alejandro Bermudez (  

By Alejandro Bermudez, posted on Friday June 8, 2018
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