Welcome to Our New Web Portal!

Welcome to the National Council of Urban Indian Health Portal

NCUIH is very pleased to welcome you to the new NCUIH Web Portal. Our makeover represents much more than a fresh coat of paint. Rather, it was reengineered in web architectural terms to serve better our Members and to reflect properly the organization’s work, services, accomplishments and evolution.

As the only organization nationally supporting the development of quality, accessible, and culturally-competent health services for American Indians and Alaska Natives living in urban settings, NCUIH has become the hub of knowledge and information on urban Indian communities across the nation. Responding to national trends and events, the organization had created multiple web-based components in the last few years, which were not optimally coordinated. To alleviate this situation, in the winter of 2014, the NCUIH Board of Directors decided to improve the delivery of information and content by:

  1. Building a an encompassing web-architecture from the ground up to integrate the multiple components into a single web-based backbone platform (Content Management System) and to

  2. Creating a new culturally-appropriate organizational branding that reflects NCUIH’s mission and vision; and that is to be used across all online and offline marketing components.

 website deisgn

The newly integrated NCUIH Web Portal, thus incorporates three (3) websites into one:

  1. NCUIH MAIN website, devoted to provide services to our membership and educate policymakers and the general public on the uniqueness of Urban Indian Health Programs

  2. The Urban Indian Knowledge Resource Center ( KRC), designed to collect all information on urban Indian Communities and make sure that the information is preserved and shared with the appropriate audiences

  3. The NCUIH Affordable Care Act (ACA) Portal- exclusively created to provide informational tools on the implementation of the Health Care Reform provisions impacting urban Indian communities.

Through its existence, NCUIH has collected a wealth of information on diverse aspects of both Urban Indian Health Programs and the communities they serve. This information has been re-organized to optimize the user experience in terms of both topic fields as well as in technological ‘usability’. The architecture of the web portal has a responsive design, meaning it adapts to the device accessing the portal itself (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc).

It is important to mention that websites are live documents ever incorporating new information, thus we at NCUIH will strive to improve content and usability on an ongoing basis.

Finally, the launching of this integrated portal system is also reflective of NCUIH ending a transitional period and the dawning of a new cycle. We are excited to be better equipped to serve you and your community with improved tools and communication channels.

Best Regards,

Maurice Smith,

Executive Director

By Maurice Smith, posted on Monday August 10, 2015


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