Urban-Tribal Dialogue

Key to the strengthening our culture and reinforcing our identity:   Building a Tribal-Urban ongoing dialogue.

Urban Indian communities are formed with individuals from practically all US Native American tribes. These populations are formed by individuals that either descend from the relocated population or migrated to the cities. Although relocation programs were successful in extracting Indian individuals from their ancestral homeland and core societal system, they failed enormously at convincing Indian people to assimilate into mainstream America. Indian pride and identity survived, but the environment to reinforce and support such values was no longer present.

Donna Testifying

In February 2015, NCUIH officially testified before Tribal Leaders for the first time at the National IHS  2017 Budget Formulation.  On the far left-- Donna Keeler, NCUIH BoD President.

Identity strengthening is the key to a vigorously proud community, hence the importance of having our Urban Indian Leaders connect with respective Tribes creating dialogues and cultivating stronger relations. This initiative intends to enhance Urban -Tribal dialogue in all possible ways, as well as incorporating Tribal leader's wisdom in our programs. NCUIH would like to collaborate with as many tribal leaders as possible so that we can share culture and lessons learned.

Mr. Ben Shelley, Navajo Nation at NCUIH 2011 Annual Conference 

According to the 2015 Marketing and Outreach Survey, in 2008 a similar survey showed that eighty one percent (81%) of UIHPs reported relations with tribes and partner in a number of ways:

- 63.2% of these UIHPs partner with Tribe(s) on Medical Services - 57.9% partner on Fundraising Activities - 57.9% partner on Cultural Activities - 57.9% partner on Advocacy efforts - 5.8% partner on Awareness Activities - 15.8% collaborate on programs or service access (i.e., referrals) - 5.3% partner on Training

NCUIH BoD President elect, Moke Eaglefeathers dialogues  with Tribal Leaders on a regular basis

  • Partnerships with other Native Organizations

    Every single UIHP surveyed (100%) had multiple Native organization partnerships, which further shows the collaboration between the UIHP and the surrounding community. These partnerships with non-Indian organizations include a number of activities: 

- 95.2% have joint efforts with other Indian organizations - 81% have information exchange