Youth Section

Thank you for visiting our KRC's Urban Indian Youth page!

This section has been designed to be a hub of information with resources for all Urban Indian Youth with a special focus on transition to a new location.

"Youth are more than just our future. They are our hope, our love, our reflections, and our tricksters. They navigate the world with a base of traditional reflections and knowledge, they learn from new experiences in attempt to reach the goals and dreams that are developed through loving and meaningful relationships. In our past, societies went to great lengths to support and guide children into adults".

Our relatives have shared many stories of the difficulties with the relocation and termination eras of our tribal histories, and now, there is a current migration of Natives to urban areas for different reasons. The U.S. Census has identified a steady migration from the traditional communities of our people, to urban areas in search for many different needs: such as higher education, professional development, and jobs. The work that our member programs are currently carrying out is, in fact, creating a whole new generation of future community leaders that will soon be in charge of raising the standards for their younger relatives.  For such reasons, we believe that supporting Indigenous youth success in navigating their ambitions, following their dreams, and reaching their goals is critical to our own survival.

Built upon the Generosity taught by our communities and elders, this space is made to share reflections of the Urban Indian Youth and their challenges in lifes transition. Experiences such as leaving family & community in the pursuit of personal advancement; difficulties undergone to build positive relationships, establishing new community bonds and facing day-to-day issues while settling in a new environment.

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