NCUIH’s Inaugural Youth Council Complete National Indigi-Wellness Champion Campaign Social Media Contest

Members of NCUIH’s National Inaugural Youth Council (YC) and the 2019 YC participated in the Annual National American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) Hope for Life (Suicide Prevention Awareness) Day, and also completed their National Indigi-Wellness Champion Campaign on September 30th. NCUIH Youth Council with support from the United Indian Tribal Youth Inc. (UNITY), the Center for Native American Youth (CNAY), and National Urban Indian Organizations (UIOs) led social media marketing efforts (from July 2019 to September 9th, 2019).

Hope for Life Day Social Media Posts IndigiWellness Campaign Winners

Through these efforts, NCUIH’s youth councils were able to reach over 7,626 people via social media, server lists, and other platforms, got over 1,000 people to engage in outreach efforts, received 208 social marketing Facebook likes, 306 Social Marketing YouTube views and got 445 Snap Chat views from Native Youth during various Youth Council UNITY Snapchat Take-overs. 

By TARC, posted on Thursday October 17, 2019
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