RFP: Board and Leadership Governance Training Contractor (Deadline to Apply: 1/31/2020)

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Scope of Work

To provide learning opportunities and professional development for board members and executive staff of the various Urban Indian Organizations (UIO) [1] through a series of webinars, communities of learning (COL) teleconferences and distance training activities.  UIOs are non-profit federally qualified health centers that provide culturally competent health care and services to American Indians and Alaska Natives living in urban settings through the Indian Health Service.  There is a need to support executives and their board members with training and best practices to support their sustainability and governance capacity for growth in the healthcare sector.  NCUIH strives for healthy American Indians and Alaska Natives living in urban settings, which comprise over 70% of the AI/AN population, supported by quality, accessible health care centers and governed by leaders in the Indian community. NCUIH represents urban Indian Health Organizations receiving grants under Title V of IHCIA and the American Indian and Alaska Natives they serve.

Contract: Two 1-1.5 day trainings

Term: Two 1-1.5 day trainings

Location: Remote; Trainings held in Washington, DC and Salt Lake City, UT

Compensation: Based on expertise and experience

Contractor will:

  • Design, plan and execute two (2) Board Trainings per year targeting UIO Board Members and Executive Directors (EDs) and offered in program year 2020
  • Moderate discussions as needed within the COL and provide technical assistance (TA) on varied issues brought up by the groups
  • Confer with NCUIH  in developing content and topics addressing subjects and issues derived from existing NCUIH member and leadership surveys or other inputs that assess learning, training, or staff development needs
  • Develop an UIO Board Training guide that refines the current curriculum, incorporates some of the specific criteria that UIOs must address for their site reviews, and addresses leadership and management topics to include but not limited to:
    • A brief history of UIO Title V nonprofit management
    • Common board/governance challenges: lessons learned, team building
    • Review of roles and responsibilities (fundraising/development, strategic planning, scope of authority)
    • The board’s integral role in the development of fundraising strategies
  • Characteristics of high-performing boards
  • Board selection and recruitment
    • Questions to ask individuals who consider board service
    • Instituting a system for evaluating board member performance

Contractor Qualifications

1) Familiar with AI/AN population characteristics, concerns, and health needs (IHS structures and practices)

2) Knowledge of non-profit and community based organization board governance, roles, and responsibilities         

3) Appropriate certifications and licensures as Board SME

4) Experience in team building and strategic planning  

Application Procedure

Applicants should fill out proposal questions HERE (https://form.jotform.com/NCUIH/bod-trainer-rfp) along with their resume and a cover letter by January 31, 2020. Cover letter should include what the applicant wants to gain out of this employment, why he/she is interested in this position as well as a brief summary of experience/ expertise related to contract position.  Please contact Marc Clark, PhD at mclark@ncuih.org with questions.

[1] Description of UIOs- www.ncuih.org

By NCUIH, posted on Friday January 10, 2020
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