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Technical Assistance at the Knowledge Resource Center

NCUIH is uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive and culturally-relevant information to ensure the sustainability of their practices. This page is devoted to collect and make available information, tools and resources from past projects implemented by NCUIH’s Technical Assistance and Research Center (TARC)

NCUIH aims to serve its membership by conducting work that improves program organization, licensure/accreditation, and diabetes programs; providing information tools and resources to improve program organizations, informed policy decision-making, and marketing/ development strategies; increasing knowledge on the status and satisfaction of UIHPs and their current needs for assistance; ensuring a conduit for status updates on policy and evidence-based research; and providing membership networking opportunities. Overall, through its Technical Assistance work, NCUIH intends to produce positive outcomes that will benefit its membership at-large. If you are a NCUIH Member Organization and have a question on technical assistance or an information need, please contact the TARC, or send a message to Dr. Kimberly Fowler at kfowler(at) or call (202) 544-0344.

Closed out Projects and Initiatives’ tools from previous years:

UIHP Tools & Resources:

Board Training
Research and Evaluation Training
Best, Promising, and Evidence-based Practices

Field Projects:

Methamphetamine and Suicide Prevention Initiative
Special Diabetes Program for Indians
Behavioral Health Community of Learning Blog
Third party Billing Project

Featured Project:

Hope for Life Day 2015

One-on-One Support:

Past Activities