Community of Learning

Culturally Ad hoc Learning for urban Native Americans

In 2009, NCUIH created a learning model that promotes quality, accessible health care for urban American Indian and Alaska Natives. This model was the culmination of over 12 years of technical assistance, outreach, and policy-maker education, and it is solution-focused and community driven to promote sustainable capacity-building for Urban Indian Health Programs around the country.

What is a Community of Learning (CoL)?
NCUIH’s Communities of Learning arepeer-to-peer workforce support groups guided by technical specialists to create culturally appropriate and relevant trainings and technical assistance for Urban Indian Health Care leaders, professionals, and paraprofessionals—supporting quality health care delivery to urban American Indians and Alaska Natives.


Eliminating Cultural Challenges

Board of Directors Community of Learning

Executive Directors Community of Learning

Affordable Care Act/Enrollment (starting in Fall 2015)

Accreditation Community of Learning (starting in Fall 2015)

Diabetes Community of Learning (starting in Fall 2015)

Behavioral Health Community of Learning (starting in Fall 2015)

Archived Materials on Past COLs