Communications, social marketing and outreach are rapidly becoming recognized as a core function or competency in the field of public health[1]. Developments such as the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have brought about a series of new community outreach-related challenges for Urban Indian Health Programs. Given the diversity in services provided, the differences in developmental stages of Urban Indian Health Programs’, it is imperative that information is shared in a coordinated, culturally competent manner that identifies the relationships in the plight of American Indian Healthcare and the uniqueness of the Urban Indian Health Programs (UIHPs).

NCUIH has developed the capacity to serve its memberships communicational needs through a series of offline and online platforms, including:

Aiming to improve its capacity, NCUIH is currently conducting a national Urban Indian health marketing and outreach capabilities assessment that will provide an improved perspective on the aggregate and specific communicational needs of its membership. As such, NCUIH is especially suited to assist UIOs in the development of national, regional and local marketing strategies and campaigns.

Marketing and Outreach Needs

Historical Challenges

Infrastructure Challenges

NCUIH’s public relations and marketing strategy includes a memoranda of understanding with key “partner” organizations; representation at national events and I/T/U meetings; resources gathering for the creation of customized and culturally appropriate materials--including a combination of print media, social media messaging, presentations at conferences, and community outreach activities. NCUIH’s involvement in national initiatives ensures consistency and accuracy of the information is being disseminated.


[1] Abroms, Lorien C. et Al.  Communication and Marketing as tools to cultivate the Public’s health: a proposed ‘people and places’ framework. BioMed Central. Washington, D.C, 2007.