REPOST: The Release of 2015 National Content Test Race and Ethnicity Analysis Report

On February 28, 2017 the Census Bureau released the 2015 National Content Test Race and Ethnicity Analysis Report.

The 2015 National Content Test (NCT) has provided the means for refining successful strategies to address known race and ethnicity reporting issues. The research builds upon the important work of the 2010 Census Alternative Questionnaire Experiment Research on Race and Hispanic Origin and also addresses racial/ethnic community feedback on improving data for our nation’s growing and diversifying populations. During the Fall of 2015, the Census Bureau undertook this critical mid-decade study to explore ways to improve our race/ethnicity questions, to better measure and represent our nation's myriad racial/ethnic identities. Over the past year, the Census Bureau's research team shared and discussed plans for testing different question designs, explained the research study plan and goals, and participated in numerous dialogues about the research plans and community feedback.

The ultimate goal of this research is to improve the question design and data quality for race/ethnicity, while addressing community concerns that we have heard over the past several years, including the call for more detailed, disaggregated data for our diverse American experiences as German, Mexican, Korean, Jamaican, and many other identities.

The report is posted on the Census webpage, along with an introductory video to provide an overview of the research. The Census Bureau  invites you to read the report and watch the introductory video to learn about the results of the 2015 NCT research on race and ethnicity. The Census Bureau  welcomes your thoughts and feedback.  Please let us know what you think by emailing us at

By The Census Bureau, posted on Friday March 31, 2017
the Census Bureau, 2015 National Content Test Race and Ethnicity Analysis Report
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