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This campaign means one actively partakes and uplifts a community of indigenous people nationwide and globally. A fact I recently learned was that indigenous people only make up 5% of the population but protect 80% of the world’s biodiversity. It is important to be part of the movement to protect climate change and raise indigenous voices to lead the way. I hope my artwork can inspire someone to feel as though they can stand taller in their existence that is continually denied and ignored. My art helps raise my voice to speak and show who I stand with. I’m for indigenous people and am humbled to continually learn from the ever strong community. I stay resilient by making art and learning traditions from my own native roots. I am Blackfeet and Cree on my mother’s side, who comes from a long and proud line of strong indigenous women. From their stories and struggles I learn to be brave and to remain humble. The first time I made frybread was as I listened to my mother speak of my grandmother’s amazing bread that the family competes to hold up to her cooking. A traditional recipe that is important to pass down each generation. I am also learning the Blackfoot language which applies to Blackfeet as well. By doing so I am able to write out the words I was taught when I was little. Oki nitánikkoowa Niitsi'móss. Translation, hello I am Niitsi’móss, which means both beautiful heart and commonly translated to sweetheart. Having this name keeps me resilient and helps me remember my roots. The language keeps me connected to those of my tribe and proudly shows my ancestors that our history is alive and I am doing my best to keep it that way. There are many more traditions I hope to learn overtime as well. #ThisIsNative #CultureIsPrevention #NCUIH #NCUIHC18

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My name is Brian Bowman and I stay resilient by drumming and dancing for my school. How do you stay resilient? #ThisIsNative #CultureIsPrevention #NCUIH #NCUIHYC18 #Indigiwellness

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By TARC, posted on Wednesday September 25, 2019
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