NCUIH Hosts First Virtual Site Visit Retreat for Supporting Urban Native Youth Project

(April 21, 2020) -  NCUIH and two of its Title V Urban Indian Organization (UIO) members, Native American Lifelines (NAL) and Native American Rehabilitation Association, Inc (NARA), participated in their 1st virtual site visit retreat as part of the Native Connections’ Supporting Urban Native Youth (SUNY) project in light of COVID-19 pandemic concerns. SUNY focuses on building the capacity of each urban community to address suicide and substance misuse in youth up to age 24 years. The sites are located in Baltimore, Maryland, and Boston, Massachusetts, as well as Portland, Oregon, respectively.

SUNY site visit

The four-day-long virtual retreat was structured on the Gathering of Native Americans model (GONA). Each day represented a different GONA theme (Belonging, Mastery, Interdependence, and Generosity) and included team-building activities, ice breakers and self-care practices, which were captured and co-facilitated by the external evaluator, from One Fire Associates, LLC.

NCUIH, NAL Boston, NAL Baltimore & NARA’s Portland staff and leadership were able to build a deeper sense of Belonging, Mastery, Interdependence and Generosity by: 


By TARC, posted on Tuesday April 21, 2020
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