Call to Action Toolkit: Senate Appropriations Bill

The National Council of Urban Indian Health is calling for the Senate to match the House mark of $81 million for the urban Indian health line item.

We ask that members of our community do the same by sending letters or calling their Senators to advocate for this important increase. Presently, the Indian Health Service (IHS) budget for urban Indian programs is less than 1% creating serious budget constraints for us to still provide culturally-competent and quality healthcare. An increase would provide 41 Urban Indian Organizations with critical funding that is long overdue.

Currently, the House bill that is moving to the floor for a vote has the $81 million line item for urban Indian health. The Senate has not published any of their funding bills for FY2020.

We have put together several ways you can advocate for this important funding.

NCUIH Outreach

Contact Your Senators with this Example E-mail/Letter



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By Meredith Raimondi, posted on Tuesday June 11, 2019
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