Policy and Legislation Center

The Policy and Legislation Center (PLC)

NCUIH’s primary educational arm acting on behalf of urban Indian health providers and urban Indian communities. Guided by the NCUIH Board of Directors and through member feedback, the Center strives to provide quality technical assistance and training on national policy and legislative priority topics to NCUIH’s membership; and it responds to specific requests from Membership organizations on national issues.

Through its efforts, NCUIH aims to create educational tools for policymakers, Congress and the general Public on the specific circumstances of the Native communities living in urban settings. The Policy and Legislation Center’s services can be divided into 6 categories:

Budget Formulation Support

NCUIH represents and coordinates the delivery of membership feedback to pertinent federal agencies on Budget Formulation-related issues and meetings, including:

Policy Implementation Support

Conferring Policy Work

NCUIH strives to engage IHS, other federal agencies and NCUIH members on the conferring policy that was included in the Re-Authorization of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act (IHCIA,2010); officially effective on November 2014. Outreach efforts include Conferring policy basics; dissemination of information; other technical assistance and coordination. Recent work includes conferring sessions and official correspondence with the Indian Health Services on Data Report & Standards, the Meth and Suicide Prevention Initiative, and the Distribution of Funding for IHCIA Title V Programs through the Indian Health Service’s Office Urban Indian Health Programs.

Representation at National events organized by National Partners, other Federal Agencies, and other Native and non-Native Organization

NCUIH represents the interests of Urban Indian communities across the nation and educates other audiences—such as research institutes, foundations, federal and local agencies, etc.- on the specific legislative and policy circumstances of Urban Indian Health Programs  and the community they serve throughout the United States.

Information Dissemination

NCUIH provides ongoing policy updates and legislative alerts on topics pertaining to the Urban Indian Health and Urban Indian Communities through a variety of platforms, including the policy blog, newsletters, website posts, and social media. Likewise, its Policy and Legislation Center provides a policy update at NCUIH’s Annual Leadership Conference. 

National Indian Health and Outreach Initiative-- Outreach and Education on Medicare, Medicaid, and Enrollment through the Marketplace

The main goals of this Indian Health Service- funded program are the dissemination of educational information to all AI/AN Tribal and Urban Indian communities and addressing both health policy and health program issues. The program’s activities take place at public forums as well as at regional and national meetings with the purpose of dissemination of information regarding changes and updates on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that are crucial to the AI/AN community. NCUIH actively helps coordinate outreach and education programs such as ACA Tribal Days of Action Outreach and Enrollment and is the only national agency representing, collecting UIH information, and customizing materials for Urban Indian communities. NCUIH has developed a web-portal specifically devoted to providing Affordable Care Act- related tools to ease the understanding of its provisions’ benefits for Native Americans living in urban settings.

ACA-related Urban Indian Health Portal