Policy and Legislation Center

Policy and Legislation Technical Assistance customized to the Urban Indian Health circumstances The National Council of Urban Indian Health is uniquely positioned to provide policy education, training, and technical assistance to Urban Indian Organizations. For over sixteen (16) years, NCUIH has been devoted to providing policy education, training and assistance to its 38 member health programs.

Current Policy Challenges facing Urban Indian Health communities

The passage of Health Care Reform in 2010 included the re-authorization of the Indian Health Care Improvement act, however, many of the provisions included do not directly apply to the Urban Indian Health Programs (UIHPs). The latter creates an extra struggle for Urban Indian Health Programs to remedy in order to access those benefits on behalf of their patients. UIHPs have to implement innovative strategies in order to attain specialty care services because, unlike tribal health programs, they do not have access to contract health service funds. More…

The Policy and Legislation Center (PLC)

NCUIH’s primary educational arm acting on the behalf of urban Indian health providers and urban Indian communities. Guided by the NCUIH Board of Directors and through member feedback, the Center strives to provide quality technical assistance and training on national policy and legislative priority topics to NCUIH’s membership; and it responds to specific requests from Membership organizations on national issues. Through its efforts, NCUIH aims to create educational tools for policymakers, Congress and the general Public on the specific circumstances of the Native communities living in urban settings. The Policy and Legislation Center’s services can be divided into 6 categories:

1) Budget Formulation Support

2) Policy Implementation Support

3) Conferring Policy Work

4) Representation at National events organized by National Partners, other Federal Agencies, and other Native and non-Native Organization

5) Information Dissemination

6) National Indian Health and Outreach Initiative-- Outreach and Education on Medicare, Medicaid and Enrollment through the Marketplace

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