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Since 1998 the National Council of Urban Indian Health has been the sole national urban Indian health program educating policymakers  on behalf of the health needs of urban Indian communities. As the primary national voice for urban Indian health, NCUIH strives to ensure that the diverse community of indian health providers that constitute the Urban Indian Health Program are understood by policymakers and that legislation and policy respect and strengthen urban Indian communities. 

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The legislative Department is NCUIH's primary mechanism for policymaker education on  behalf of urban Indian health providers and urban Indian communities.  The NCUIH Board of Directors provide the primary leadership to the Legislative department as well as member feedback and guidance. The Legislative Department strives to not only be as responsive as possible to the pressures on member organizations, but to also give member organizations the ability to advocate for their individual communities on all applicable government levels. The Legislative Department takes a broad view of federal legislation and administrative regulation in order to ensure that the interests of urban Indian communities are protected and expressed at all possible levels. In order to ensure that the voices and needs of urban Indian communities are heard the Legislative Department focuses upon:

Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson received the NCUIH Congressional Leadership Award from NCUIH Executive Director, DShane Barnett, and Policy Analyst, Jay Stiener

The Legislative department strives to ensure that its actions are guided by the NCUIH Board of Directors and through feedback and communication with the NCUIH member organizations nationwide.

**Note: During the launching period the information, the  Legislation and Policy Page in the KRC and in the Official NCUIH website will be similar. As we evolve and we collect more training materials from or programs and other sources, this page will provide further customized resources to all of its members.

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Historical Urban Indian Health-related Legislative Chart 1934-2000

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