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Legislative Priorities and Talking Points

Preserve the Medicaid Benefit

  • 100% FMAP for UIHPs
  • Support the Urban Indian Parity Act, 2019 (Senator Udall/Rep. Lujan)
  • Exemption for American Indians and Alaskan Natives
  • Mandatory work requirements are inconsistent with trust responsibility

Funding for IHS

  • Indian Programs Advanced Appropriations Act S.229
  • Urban line item – Increase line item to $82-$118m (2% of IHS budget)
  • Exemption from shutdowns, sequestration and hiring freezes

Funding for the Community Health Centers and the Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI)

  • Bipartisan extension introduced to renew SDPI and CHC through 2024
  • Support “Community and Public Health Programs Extension Act”
  • Support any individual SDPI bills

Indian Health Care Improvement Act

  • Protect from any attempts to repeal or reform the Affordable Care Act
  • Retain the Indian specific provisions in ACA

Federal Torts Claims Act

  • Extend FTCA to UIHPs to provide malpractice liability protection to employees at no cost – IHS and Tribal facilities already receive this

Veterans Administration

  • IHS and VA MOU included UIHPs, VA won’t work with urban Indian Organizations
  • Help us work with the VA by making VA reimburse Urban Indian Organizations (UIOs)

Behavioral Health

  • Preserve behavioral health initiatives for Urban Indian Organizations

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