The National Council of Urban Indian Health recognizes both the need and the importance of data that contributes to improving the lives of our Urban Indian people. Since 2006, NCUIH has embarked in a campaign to collect existing data and knowledge about Urban Indian Communities across the nation. In 2009, NCUIH launched the Knowledge Resource Center, which includes a repository of documents focused on the population we serve. Since that time, the number of articles and research documents grew from 140 to approximately 2500 documents. However, considering the extent of health disparities faced by urban AI/ANs, there are considerable gaps in research. While research and reports have been produced, the important differences between AI/AN living in metropolitan areas and those living on tribal land are often overlooked—such as the myriad of reasons that AI/AN live in cities and the length of time they have done so. As a result, there is a need for continued research and data collection and analysis, especially for UIHOs, which serve the majority of AI/AN living in urban areas.

Current Research Projects

Literature Review on pertaining research topic that would help advance UIHPs practice

UIHPs need to be able to maximize on current practices for clinical and organizational capacity. The literature reviews would facilitate funding opportunities, availability of best practices, and summarization of journal articles.

Data Reporting and Standards Initiative— While UIHPs are asked to provide information on utilization to funders to determine measures met nationally, NCUIH also understands that every UIHP is fundamentally diverse in their delivery of services. Therefore, it is important to capture clinical measures, as well as enabling services that may be providing. This initiative set out to report on the essential work and support that is provided by all urban program types- outreach and referral, limited ambulatory, and full ambulatory, with the goal to determine performance criteria to assess service delivery outcomes.

Past Research Projects

For past projects and further research information, please visit our Knowledge Resource Center.

For more information about urban AI/AN health research or for information about ongoing projects and research opportunities, contact Dr. Kimberly Fowler, Director of the Technical Assistance and Research Center at (202)544-0344 or

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