Technical Assistance

Culturally appropriate Technical Assistance to the Urban Indian Health Programs (UIHPs) across the Nation

As part of its core mission, the National Council of Urban Indian Health is devoted to providing Technical Assistance and Training (TTA) for our member programs across Indian Country. NCUIH strongly believes that providing customized and culturally sound capacity building & knowledge tools is essential to foster and trigger changes necessary to advance our community in the optimal direction.

If you are a NCUIH Member Organization and have a question on technical assistance or an information need, please contact Kimberly Fowler, Ph.D- Technical Assistance and Research Director at: kfowler(at) 

The Technical Assistance and Research Center (TARC)
In 2008, NCUIH founded the Technical Assistance and Research Center (TARC) to become the organization’s implementing agent to assist the Urban Indian Health Programs attain their own goals in diverse areas; such as Management, Health Information Technology, Finance and Operations, Board Education, Evaluation, Outreach, Quality Care and Technology, among other topics. As such, TARC has been designed to operate under a holistic approach that is both in seamless coordination with NCUIH’s Executive Office, the Policy and Legislation Center (PLC), and the Communications Department.  For more information on NCUIH Research Projects please visit our Research Subpage by (clicking here). Technical Assistance services provided by TARC are divided in the following Categories:   

Tools and Information Resources

TARC Conducts and/or coordinate trainings focused on Member Programs’ efficiency and effectiveness to support access and quality of care for urban AI/AN.  Field areas planned to be addressed during the current Fiscal Year (2015-2016) are: health policy, marketing and improving operations’ efficiency. For Upcoming Webinars please contact Kimberly Fowler, Ph.D- Technical Assistance and Research Director- at kfowler(at)  For archived Webinars please find visit NCUIH’s Knowledge Resource Center’s past Webinars page by clicking here

Through the COLs NCUIH provides practical knowledge and information, coordinate peer-to-peer mentoring, seek experts in the field to provide trainings. 2014-2015 CoLs: Board of Directors Community of Learning Executive Directors Community of Learning For further information please visit our CoL sub Page (Click here) 2015-2016 CoLs: Board of Directors Community of Learning Affordable Care Act/Enrollment Accreditation Community of Learning Diabetes Community of Learning Behavioral Health Community of Learning For further information please visit our CoL sub Page Archived Materials on Past COLs

Field Specific Projects

Meth and Suicide Prevention Initiative (MSPI)

NCUIH coordinates national efforts among urban Native communities across the United States to enhance education and improve the outreach for the Methamphetamine and Suicide Prevention Initiative (MSPI) program. More…

Payments Systems Reform (PSR) Initiative

The PSR program is devoted to optimizing the Urban Indian Health Programs (UIHPs) Payment Systems to continue and expand high quality services. Through its specialized team, NCUIH provides training project focused on giving the clinics the information and resources needed to improve their billing practices. More…

National Indian Health Outreach and Education (NIHOE) initiative

Through its Policy and Legislation Center (PLC), NCUIH provides Training and Technical Assistance to support Urban Indian Organizations to understand the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the need to increase Native American enrollment in Medicaid, Medicare, State Children’s Health Insurance Programs, and Qualified Health Plans through the Health Insurance Marketplace. To learn more about the NIHOE Initiative please click here. To directly access enrollment-related resources and tools please visit NCUIH Affordable Care Act Portal, click here.

Health Access and Resources for Community Health (ARCH) Program

Funded by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Minority Health (DHHS/OMH), this project is devoted to develop, implement, evaluate and replicate best practices in Community Health Representative (CHR) programs for urban Indian communities that increase access to health care, improve health equity, and sustain services for AI/AN people. For more information, please contact Dr. Kimberly Fowler, Director of TARC at: kfowler(at)

Reducing Health Disparities through Quality Improvement

Funded by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), through the University of Chicago’s National Opinion and Research Center (NORC), NCUIH is tasked with planning, designing, implementing, and evaluating programs for American Indian and Alaska Natives (AI/AN). This 3 year project aims at reducing health disparities through quality improvement. More...

Finalized Projects: for information and archived materials from past years projects and closed out initiatives please visit our Knowledge Resource Center’s Technical Assistance page by clicking here