Board of Directors Leadership Training Series (Dates TBA)

"Ensuring a Highly Effective, Highly Efficient Board: Developing a Model for Success"

Dates: To Be Announced

This multi-session training will be a practical, interactive program that will provide the basics – the roles and responsibilities of a health center board of directors – while discussing and practicing the application (how to do it) implications. The focus will be on not only “doing the right things” (compliance) but also “doing them right” (performance).

The series will also include:


Adam Archuleta (Colorado River Indian Tribes), Badger Health & Associates, LLC.


Captain Adam Archuleta, (retired), is a high energy and motivated former health care executive and revenue cycle consultant who has spent 28 years working for the Department of Health & Human Services, Indian Health Service agency. As an officer in the United States Public Health Service, he has spent his career providing technical assistance and consultative services to federal, tribal, and private health care hospitals and ambulatory facilities. His expertise, commitment, and endeavor are to continue to improve health care operations throughout our nation. He is excited to contribute his expertise to ensure that health care organizations having enough staffing and resources in order to maximize their operations at an optimal level. He currently is the owner of Badger Health & Associates, LLC., which provides quality health care services and consultation to health care delivery systems and tribal organizations. His leadership, institutional knowledge, skills, and experience will contribute and to all levels of staffing and management within organizations.

By Meredith Raimondi, posted on Thursday March 12, 2020